What’s So Great About Tankless Water Heaters?

As you could guess from the name alone, a tankless water heater is one that, well, does not use a hot water tank to store hot water. In fact, these systems do not store hot water at all. They heat the water that you need, when you need it, which is why they are also commonly called “on-demand water heaters.” The elimination of the tank means the elimination of standby energy loss.

This means that tankless water heaters are quite efficient. They also last nearly twice as long as most traditional water heaters are projected to — up to 25 years in many cases! They are certainly more expensive to purchase than traditional tank water heaters, but this longer lifespan and improved efficiency means that you can earn back your investment over time.

You Need a Professional Tankless Water Heater Installation

Are you ready to have a water heater installed in your new construction project? Do you want to make sure that your tankless water heater replacement in Orlando is impeccable? Then you’re looking in the right spot. We install and service all types of gas tankless water heater systems. We’ll make sure that your system is capable of handling the hot water demand in your home.

When the time comes to (finally) replace your tankless water heater, you are going to want a qualified, professional tankless water heater technician to remove the old one and to integrate your new system into your home. Our technicians are licensed to work with natural gas piping, and we’ll help you to enjoy an efficient, reliable, and safe performance from your new tankless water heater.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Trouble or Skip Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

A tankless water heater does not have an anode rod that will need to be replaced, nor does it have a tank that will need to be flushed in order to remove sediment. However, it still requires routine maintenance. There is no better way in which to keep it functioning properly and pumping out hot water reliably.

Unfortunately, even the best-maintained tankless water heaters will require repairs at some point. When your system is in need of repairs for leaks, tepid water, or strange and alarming sounds, contact us right away. We are literally at your service 24/7 because no hot water is no way to live! Let us know what concerns you have regarding water heater installation and maintenance.