Why Opt for a Traditional Water Heater?

Traditional water heaters, meaning those that heat water and store it in a hot water tank, are more affordable to purchase than tankless water heaters — considerably more affordable, in fact. Now, tankless water heaters have the benefit of eliminating the standby energy loss inherent even with very efficient hot water tanks, and they do last longer. This means that they may pay for themselves over time.

If you’re more interested in immediate savings, though, that doesn’t really come into play. And the fact is that gas tank water heaters and electric tank water heaters are less likely to be overwhelmed if, say, you demand hot water at the shower, the dishwasher, and the laundry machine. Provided that it is of the right size for your home, mind you. We’ll guarantee that this is the case.

Traditional Water Heater Installation is a Job for Professionals

You run the risk of serious bodily harm, violated safety codes, voided warranties, damaged equipment, and unsafe operation from your traditional water heater in Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida area if you attempt to install your system on your own. Doesn’t sound like a very good option when you look at it that way, does it?

Our water heater technicians are some of the best around, and they’ll make sure that your traditional water heater installation or replacement is completed properly every step of the way. We’re also qualified to work with gas piping, so we can definitely navigate your gas water heater hookup needs successfully.

Routine Maintenance, Occasional Repairs — We Do It All

Having your hot water tank flushed out as suggested by the manufacturer and keeping a fresh anode rod in place will help to keep your traditional water heater in great working condition. There are no guarantees in life, but there is one when it comes to water heaters. Even with routine maintenance, you’ll need repairs at some point.

If your water heater’s hot water tank ruptures, if it’s making a weird noise, or if it just isn’t providing you with reliable hot water, let us know. We also offer 24/7emergency plumbing repairs. Whether you’re in need of water heater replacement, maintenance, or repairs, you’ll get a live plumber on the phone that will know what the next step should be.