Our Choice VIP Membership entitles our customers to great coverage when it comes to any plumbing problems. We stand by our work with a full one year warranty—a real rarity among our competitors. We are backflow–certified, we carry a Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor license, and our plumbing technicians all have their own specialties and applicable certifications. We also treat our customers like family. All of this to say that, when you need a plumber in Seminole County, FL, you need only gives the pros here at Choice Plumbing a call. Contact us today to schedule a plumber in Seminole County, FL.

We’d love to tell you that your plumbing system is going to function problem–free for the long run, but we are simply too honest to do so. Yes, a plumbing system comprising quality components that is expertly installed and serviced is going to be quite reliable. You’ll still need plumbing repair in Seminole County, FL at some point, though. When you do, you want a plumber from our team in your corner. We do the job right, whatever it entails.

Plumbing repairs can encompass many of our plumbing services, from fixing clogged drains to detecting plumbing leaks and fixing slab leaks and sewer lines. In essence, if it involves a pipe, odds are, we can fix it.

Choice Plumbing near Seminole County offers both residential and commercial plumbing services. While we love to see you, we’d rather bump into you at the grocery store than see you for a plumbing repair. Many plumbing repairs come down to regular plumbing maintenance, which your local plumber near Seminole County can do for you. While you may be inclined to DIY your plumbing repair, when it comes to the longevity of your pipes, we recommend professional plumbing services.

As mentioned above, plumbing can last a lifetime — with proper care. However, when you neglect your plumbing by ignoring small leaks, dripping faucets, cracks in your basement flooring, your minor plumbing repair could turn into a costly major repair. Don’t delay pipe maintenance any longer. Call your local plumber near Orlando today!

Bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing fixtures, flexible gas lines, sewer lines—we can install whatever it is that your plumbing system may need. That includes a brand new plumbing system from scratch, of course. It doesn’t matter if you need to replace a few faucets or if you’re facing down a big repiping project. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our plumbing installation and replacement services.

If you are considering new piping, Choice Plumbing near Seminole County can help. As you saw above, there are many kinds of piping available, and the choice may be overwhelming, especially to those who don’t know much about pipes and plumbing. This is when you need to lean on your trusted local plumber for advice. We can tell you the advantages and disadvantages to every type of piping material and tell you which one we’d recommend in your case. PVC and PEX piping are popular materials because of their safety, longevity, and resistance to leaks. Call us today for your next plumbing inspection, installation, and replacement service.

Bringing fresh, potable water into your home is obviously a hugely important part of your plumbing system’s function. Equally important, however, is your plumbing system’s ability to remove waste and wastewater from your home. That is made possible by use of your drains and sewer line. If you have a clogged drain, schedule professional drain cleaning with our drain service pros. We offer sewer cleaning as part of our sewer services, too. We keep drains and sewer lines working reliably.

It’s hard for us to imagine life 500 years ago when human waste mixed with animal waste in the streets of big cities and rats crawled around with no one paying any heed, fearless for their life as they feasted on these waste products. You can thank a plumber and all of those who came before you who developed our modern sewer system today.

That being said, drains and sewers can become clogged just by our daily living. While we do our best to put items where they go, your toddler still might find it fascinating to flush a ball, a doll, and a diaper down the toilet, and you may not be as fastidious as you should be with hair down the drain. Your local plumber near Seminole County, Choice Plumbing, who has an office in Orlando, can help. We understand the modern drain and sewer system, as well as water heaters, grease traps, and backflow prevention. Call us today for all of your residential and commercial drain and sewer needs today!

Hot water is a resource that we rely on so much in our homes that it is easy to overlook just how vital it is. Easy until it is no longer available in a reliable quantity, of course. If you are in need of water heater repair or you want to schedule a traditional or tankless water heater installation, just let us know. We’ll explore your options with you and we’ll have your system back up and running—or expertly installed—in no time!

Those who live in Seminole County are lucky; they have access to the ocean, which during the summer months hovers around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is warm, it’s not exactly convenient to use the salty ocean water as warm water for your home. And in order to kill harmful bacteria and the like, water must boil. While those in Florida are luckier than most, being surrounded by water, having potable hot water is a modern convenience most of us don’t want to go without.

Choice Plumbing near Seminole County with an office in Orlando offers heater repair, maintenance, and installation services, for both traditional and tankless water heaters. We understand that having hot water is pivotal to your life, and when your water heater breaks, give us a call. Our 24-hour emergency plumbers will be there to help you diagnose the problem and offer up a solution that will suit your needs. We excel in customer service and offer many advantages to our customers, from the VIP Choice Membership club to a one-year guarantee on our plumbing services. Contact us today!

Within any industry there are areas of specialization. You cannot count on a residential plumber to handle the type of work that a commercial plumber in Seminole County, FL does. Commercial plumbing and residential plumbing share much in common, but there are a lot of deviations, too. From commercial plumbing installations to commercial water heater, backflow prevention, and grease trap services, you can trust our commercial plumbing technicians to handle every job properly.

As a small business ourselves in the Orlando area, Choice Plumbing has a heart for commercial businesses, which is why we love offering our superb plumbing services to Seminole County business owners. Whether you run a food establishment and need regular grease trap cleanings or you need backflow preventers installed and your pipes checked, we can help. Our mission is to help you fix your plumbing problems when they arise so you can get back to serving the community with your goods and services. With regular plumbing maintenance service, you can ensure your plumbing calls to us are minimal. Call us today!


Let’s face it, no one really wants to have to call us. After all, we’re the people you call when you have a problem that needs fixed. Yet, when you call, you get our utmost attention and your problem resolved promptly.

Choice Plumbing is the best plumbing company in Seminole County, offering the best residential and commercial plumbing services, from fixing leaking faucets to discovering the source of the dripping noise you are hearing at night. If you are worried about anything plumbing related in your home or office, don’t wait until it becomes a problem. Give us a call. We offer free estimates, so we can help you no matter what is going on with your pipes. With an office in Orlando, our expert licensed plumbers answer the phone after hours and can help you perhaps solve your problem, or we can send out a certified plumbing technician right away. Even if you think you’re imagining things, we’d rather you have peace of mind. Call us now!

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