Your plumbing system is as extensive as it is vital. When you hire plumbers in Orange County, FL or throughout the Central Florida area, you need to know that you’re working with plumbing technicians that you can truly trust. You need have no doubt about that when you hire Choice Plumbing to do the job. We offer a full one year guarantee on the work that we do. We use the best equipment available, such as the SeeSnake Sewer Camera and K60 Sewer Machine & Cable. We treat our customers as if they are our own family–personally and fairly. Call us today to schedule a plumber in Orange County, FL.

Are you a professional plumber? If not, then you have no business trying to handle any necessary plumbing service on your own! Sure, you can plunge your toilet or reset a stalled out garbage disposal. By and large, however, plumbing repair is a job that really does demand the skill, experience, and tools that trained professionals possess. If your plumbing system springs a leak or runs into any other trouble, let us know right away.

While Choice Plumbing in Orange County typically sees the common plumbing repairs listed above, we never tire of helping you fix them. Our mission is to offer the best customer service to our customers. We treat our customers like family, which is why we offer a VIP Choice membership club so you can save money on these common plumbing problems when they occur. It also saves you money on the not-so-common problems, such as water heater services.

Whether you have a common plumbing problem or an uncommon one, we can help. We’ve been in business for over a decade, and there’s not much we haven’t seen. Our certified local plumbers in Orange County can help 24-hours a day no matter your problem. And when you call, you’ll speak to an actual plumber when it’s past operating hours who can help you right over the phone. We offer a 100% satisfaction policy as well on all of our plumbing services. Call us today!

Are you ready for a bathroom plumbing or kitchen plumbing installation? Is your plumbing installation project a bit smaller, requiring the installation of just a few plumbing fixtures? Whatever the case may be, our plumbing technicians are the ones that you want in your corner. We use the best materials available and we’ll work closely with you to see that your vision is realized, and within your budget! You can’t buy the type of experience that we’re working with.

Like all things made with human hands, plumbing breaks down, resulting in the occasional need for plumbing installation and replacement services. Choice Plumbing in Orange County offers both residential and commercial repiping services for when your pipes wear out or have a major leak. Sometimes, with old piping, we might recommend you replace your pipes for longevity and health reasons as well.

While pipes are designed to last a long time, if they are not well cared for, they may break down sooner than expected. Pouring oil, fats, and grease down your pipes is one sure-fire way to not only cause clogs, but also to shorten the lifespan of your pipes. And when you do have a clog and you immediately resort to those over-the-counter chemical clog removers, you aren’t doing yourself any favors either, as the harsh chemicals in those clog removers can do more harm than good. Having high water pressure can also reduce the longevity of your piping. The best bet for taking care of your pipes is having a professional local plumber in Orange County perform plumbing maintenance once a year to keep your pipes healthy and discover any problems before they occur.

Drain cleaning sounds simple enough, right? You just pour liquid cleaner down the drain. Oh, it’s a backed up sewer line? Is there a special cleaner for sewer cleaning? If this is your thinking, you’re thinking the wrong way! Sewer services and drain service require professional plumbers for proper completion. From sewer cleaning for sewer lines to stubborn drain clogs, we’ll make sure that a thorough, effective job is done. We install and replace drain and sewer lines, too.

With an office in Orlando, Choice Plumbing offers all of Orange County drain and sewer services. For most people, a plumbing problem is a plumbing problem, which is perfectly fine with us. When you call us for 24-hour emergency plumbing services or for a regular plumbing concern you may have, we’ll ask you a series of questions in order to narrow down what we’re dealing with. However, our certified local plumbers have seen it all, so we’re well equipped to deal with whatever you may be experiencing.

Drain and sewer concerns are usually either in your bathroom, kitchen, or outside of your home where the pipes are coming in. We use the best in technology, such as video pipe inspections where we use a video camera in order to see into your pipes which causes minimal damage, in order to assess your particular plumbing concern. Our mission is always to fix your plumbing problem so it doesn’t come back doing the least amount of damage to the environment. Call us today for your next drain and sewer concern!


What type of water heater do you use in your home? Did you know that there are different options, like tank and tankless models? Do you need a water heater installation? Is it becoming more and more obvious that you require water heater repair in Orange County, FL? Water heater services are complicated, and you don’t want to put your system at risk by attempting them on your own or ignoring the need altogether. We can keep your water heater working reliably.

It wasn’t that long ago that in order to have hot water, you had to heat it on the stove. It wasn’t that much before that, that in order to have fresh water, you had to walk to the stream, use a bucket, scoop it out, and haul it back to your home to cook in.

Thanks to the modern era, those days are long gone here in Orange County. Choice Plumbing takes pride in helping homeowners and businesses with their hot water needs, which is why we offer both traditional and tankless hot water heater service, installation, and repair. While traditional hot water heaters are what most people prefer, tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity due to the fact they leave less of a carbon footprint behind, and they help to lower your energy bill because of it. If you have questions about which hot water heater is for you, contact your local plumber in Orlando, Choice Plumbing, today!

You don’t want to be worrying about whether or not your commercial plumbing system is operating properly. Now, you cannot afford to take an “out of sight, out of mind” stance, either. You need to keep your commercial plumbing system functioning reliably, and that means that you need a professional commercial plumber on your side. For new installations, commercial water heater services, and everything else, just give us a call.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of Orange County, and Choice Plumbing, with an office in Orlando, understands the need for reliable plumbing services at an affordable price. As a small business, an unexpected plumbing problem could greatly impact your balance sheet for the month. We’ll work with you when an emergency plumbing issue arises, whether it’s a simple clogged drain in your flooring, or it’s a full-blown main line pipe break near your business. Our mission is to fix your commercial plumbing problem as soon as possible so that only a minimal amount of impact is made to your customers and/or products.


Choice Plumbing in Orange County strives everyday to provide the best plumbing services. While we’re not perfect, we definitely try to be when it comes to your plumbing service, whether residential or commercial. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we believe that if you’re not happy, you should be, so we’ll make it right. With an office in Orlando, Choice Plumbing only employs certified plumbing technicians who have years of experience who can properly diagnose your plumbing problem and get it fixed, whether it’s a simple clogged toilet or it’s a slab leak that is causing your basement to sink.

Choice Plumbing in Orange County is your first choice in plumbing services. Call our Orlando-based plumbers today!

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