When you hire plumbers to service your water heater, backflow prevention device, drains and sewers, or any other component of your plumbing system, you need to know that these plumbing technicians can be trusted to do the job right. Choice Plumbing offers a full one year warranty on all of the work that we do, and our plumbers and technicians are dedicated to true service excellence. When you schedule your plumbing services in Celebration, FL with us, you’ll be treated like family: personally and fairly. Each technician that we employ has their own specialties and certifications. Give us a call to schedule plumbing services in Celebration and the Central Florida area.

Plumbing Repair Services Near Celebration

Choice Plumbing’s owner, Nick Shif, started working as a service plumber in the Orlando area in 1984, learning and honing his expertise through the years that followed. In 2007, he and his wife opened Choice Plumbing. In this time, Nick has seen it all when it comes to plumbing repair needs. The moment that you notice a problem with your plumbing system or suspect that you need plumbing service of any kind, get in touch with our staff. Our Celebration plumbers do the job right.

If you think of how much piping you have in your home, you’d probably be overwhelmed. Luckily, the majority of this piping is out of sight, hidden in the walls. While this is a good thing in terms of visual pollution in our home, it can be a bad thing in terms of how you rarely think about your plumbing until something goes wrong.

The key to preventing plumbing repairs in Celebration, which is near Orlando, Florida, is regular plumbing inspections and maintenance services from your local plumber. Choice Plumbing offers plumbing inspections and maintenance on all of the plumbing in your home, from kitchen and bathroom plumbing, as well as  your business plumbing needs, like shower rooms and bathrooms. Call your local plumber today!

Plumbing Installation & Replacement Near Celebration

Installing a plumbing system from scratch or replacing an old plumbing system in a historic home is a major project. It is not the type of job that you can entrust to any old plumber. The qualified plumbing technicians on our staff can be trusted to get the job done properly, though. From bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing systems to plumbing fixture replacements and whole–house plumbing installation projects, we have the skill and expertise to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

You have miles of plumbing pipes that you cannot see in and around your home that bring you fresh water everyday and takes away your waste. These pipes do eventually wear out, requiring a plumbing replacement service.

Choice Plumbing, a plumbing company near Celebration, which is close to Orlando, offers the best plumbing installation and replacement services. From new construction homes to older homes, we can assess your existing plumbing system and make a recommendation on either part or full plumbing replacement based on the age of your plumbing system and how close the pipes are to wearing out. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

Drain & Sewer Near Celebration

A clogged drain is a much more serious problem than many homeowners seem to realize. Without professional drain cleaning, there is no way that you can hope to resolve the situation entirely. We offer not only drain cleaning, but sewer cleaning and complete drain services and sewer services, too. Clogged drains can escalate to the point where sewer lines are jeopardized. We offer a 135 day guarantee on drain cleaning, following a 3–step program that includes a video inspection of the line.

If you’ve invested in an over-the-counter clogged drain product, odds are, it may have worked — temporarily. Most likely, you found yourself buying more of that stuff every few weeks when the clogged drain came back.

Choice Plumbing is a local plumber near Celebration, which is quite close to Orlando. We offer the best drain and sewer cleaning. When you have a clogged drain, you’ll need a professional plumber to permanently solve your problem. We offer video pipe inspections so we can easily find the source of your clog and then use hydro jetting, which is a high-powered stream of water, to rid your drain of that clog for good. Stop with the over-the-counter drain products, and call us today!

Water Heater Services Near Celebration

You need your water heater in Celebration, FL to function properly. It is just that simple. Only a professional water heater technician can handle your water heater installation, water heater repair, and water heater maintenance services. We employ tankless water heater technicians that will help you to get the most from your system, and service all types of tank water heaters, too. Noritz and Navien list us as a local installer of their fine products, an honor that is well–earned.

You rely on your water heater every morning when you hop in the shower to work properly. In fact, a hot shower usually gets your day off to the right start. A cold shower, however, could possibly ruin it.

Choice Plumbing, a top-notch local plumber near Celebration, which is close to Orlando, offers water heater services, both traditional and tankless. Whether your water heater just needs a new heating element or fan or your water heater is toast, we can help. As essential as your water heater is to your life, you can’t afford to go without one for very long. Our 24-hour emergency plumbing services can get you taken care of quickly. Call your professional plumber today!

Commercial Plumbing Near Celebration

A commercial plumber is the only individual to trust when it comes to your commercial plumbing in Celebration, FL. There are a lot of great residential plumbers out there, but you wouldn’t trust a plane engine that was built and serviced by your car mechanic, right? There may be some overlap, but there is enough difference and more than enough complexity to go with the experts. We can do it all, from your commercial plumbing installation to commercial water heater repairs.

We all rely on local businesses to supply us with the items we want and need, from groceries to auto parts. Local businesses need plumbing services not only to perform their service, but to take care of their guests. Since their bathrooms, kitchens, and shower areas are used much more than your home’s, constant plumbing maintenance is required in order to ensure no major problems occur.

Choice Plumbing near Celebration and Orlando offers grease trap cleaning, backflow prevention, and commercial water heater repair and drain repairs. We understand the unique challenges your business faces. Contact your licensed plumber today for a free estimate!


When it comes to pipes, Choice Plumbing near Celebration and Orlando is intimately familiar with them. We’ve been helping both homeowners and businesses with their plumbing for over a decade. We’re committed to offering the best plumbing services at affordable prices when you need them.

As a 24-hour plumber, we understand the hardships you may be facing when something does not work or something breaks. You need hot water for daily living, as well as a properly working drain system that brings you life-giving water and whisks away your waste products. As your local plumber of choice, we do our best to get you taken care of right away and back to your life. Our customer service is unparalleled, and we guarantee our plumbing services. Call us today for the best plumbing services!

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