We always suggest — stopping just shy of insisting, really — that homeowners with any plumbing system problems have them resolved as promptly as possible. When it comes to emergencies, that’s no problem. After all, we offer 24/7 services just for that reason! The issue is, however, that not every problem is immediately obvious. This is certainly the case when homeowners encounter slab leaks in Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area.

If you have any knowledge of the issue, then the term “slab leak” itself is probably enough to send a shiver down your spine. Don’t be disheartened, though. Even if you do have a slab leak, the professional, bonded, and insured plumbing technicians at Choice Plumbing are here to help. We’ll pinpoint the source of your slab leak and have it repaired as soon as possible. Contact us with your concerns or to hire a plumber in Orlando.

What Exactly is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a leak that develops in either a hot or cold water line running beneath the concrete slab upon which a home is constructed. It is this location that makes the slab leak so much more distressing than other, more obvious and easy to access leaks. By the time you notice a slab leak, it is possible that it has been developing for some time already.

So how is it that you are supposed to discover that you have a slab leak, anyway? It’s not as if you have x-ray vision like the superheroes in the comics, right? And you don’t regularly check under this slab of concrete the size of your home’s footprint, do you? Of course not. That does not mean that there aren’t any warning signs to be aware of, though.

  • Look for cracks and uneven surfaces on the concrete slab. These are often the first indicators that there is a leak beneath it.
  • Look for inexplicably high water bills. You may be paying for water that you aren’t using at all. You may also see a spike in energy bills if the leak is in a hot water line.
  • Listen for the sound of running water when you are not actually using any. That could mean that you are hearing water leaking beneath your feet.
  • Feel for warmth beneath your feet. If it is a leak in a hot water line, you may think you’ve got an in-floor heating system for a moment.
  • Smell for musty odors. That moisture can leave a mildew scent throughout the house and can also cause the damp conditions that promote the growth of biological pollutants like mold.
  • Look for water stains on carpeting in finished basements or for signs of water damage at the base of walls.

Our Plumbing Contractors Detect and Repair Slab Leaks in Orlando

Slab leak detection is a much more nuanced service than the tips described above. That type of evidence is enough to raise some red flags. However, pinpointing the source of a slab leak is trickier. We use cutting edge tools like thermal imaging equipment to find the source of these leaks without tearing up your concrete slab with fingers crossed. This limits any disruption to your home and your daily routine.

Once we’ve exposed the leak, we’ll complete your slab leak repair the right way, from start to finish. Whether we need to replace a burst pipe or it’s just a matter of putting some new fittings into place, we’ll use the right materials in the right way. That way, you can rest assured in knowing that the problem is truly and effectively solved.

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