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Orlando Repiping Services

The pipes in your house are not going to last forever, so let us ask you this. Who are you going to call when the time comes to replace your entire piping system? Look, we get it. You don’t want to think about replacing all of your plumbing pipes in Orlando, FL. It’s a major job, it’s a pretty expensive one, and it’s not going to be done in a couple of hours.

That being said, you may need repiping services at some point. To ensure minimal disruption to your home and to your daily routine, leave the repiping to Choice Plumbing. Our pipe installation and replacement professionals will work with you to keep your home as functional as possible until the work is completed. Contact us today with any questions that you may have or to schedule repiping in Orlando or the Central Florida area. 24/7 Plumbing We Show Up!

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Why Should I Consider Repiping My Home?

Sometimes homeowners will reach out and say "My home is [this many] years old. Do I need new pipes?" The answer is, we need more information! There is not really a terminal date for pipes of any kind. They are not going to self–destruct just because they’ve hit a certain age. That being said, there are some common factors that may lead you to consider repiping.

  • You have galvanized pipes in your home. There was a time when galvanized pipes were considered rust resistant. This just isn’t the case. They rust easily, which can lead to restricted water flow, tainted water, and yes, leaks.
  • Frequent leaks. Okay, so it’s not just galvanized pipes that leak. You may have copper pipes, which many consider to be the gold standard in terms of piping materials. However, copper pipes can corrode over time, too, and will eventually need replacement.
  • Poor design. Did someone do a real rush job when installing the pipes in your home? Is the system kind of cobbled together? Do you have pipes passing through areas where they’re something of an eyesore? Let us know, so that we can repipe your home the right way!

We Use Viega PEX Solutions

Viega is producing some of the finest PEX piping solutions available today, including PureFlow PEX tubing that is made right here in the United States. Some homeowners may be surprised to hear that plastics are being used for whole–house pipe installation projects, in addition to drain repair and general pipe repair applications. There are a lot of benefits to be had with Viega PEX products, though.

Unlike polybutylene pipes that were commonly manufactured and used from around 1978–1995, PEX pipes are really built to last. Polybutylene, which is a type of plastic resin, may have been heralded as the pipe of the future, but the future sure did bring a lot of headaches! So much so, in fact, that the presence of polybutylene pipes in your home alone is enough to justify repiping.

Let Us Handle Your Pipe Replacement for You

Pretty much any plumber can successfully replace a couple of pipes for you. When it comes to full repiping in Orlando and throughout Central Florida, however, you need the best plumbing technicians available, as well as the finest materials. Our plumbers and our Viega PEX products are just what you need. Enjoy dependable potable water from PEX tubing that boasts outstanding UV and chlorine resistance for total confidence in your plumbing system.

Schedule your emergency plumbing services with us! 24/7 Plumbing We Show Up!