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24 Hour Emergency Service: Call day or night! 407-422-7443

Main Water Line Plumbing in Orlando, FL

Your plumbing system is obviously responsible for distributing potable water throughout your house, and all of that water enters your house via the main water line. Problems of any kind with your main water line are going to seriously disrupt your daily routine. Fortunately, the licensed and insured plumbing technicians here at Choice Plumbing are available 24/7. Whether it’s a main water line installation or emergency repairs, just give us a call.

We’ve been providing homeowners throughout the area with quality main water line services since we first opened back in 2007. The reason for our success is really quite simple. We stand by our work—so much so that we offer a full one year guarantee on it—and we also treat our customers like family. That means with a fair and personal touch. Schedule main water line services in Orlando and the Central FL area with Choice Plumbing. 24/7 Plumbing We Show Up!

Day or Night, Weekends and Holidays Call Now: 407-422-7443 or Send Us an Email!

Only Professionals Can Install a Main Water Line

Chances are that you wouldn’t dream of trying to install or replace your own water line, but trust us—homeowners can get some pretty wild ideas in their heads when they are determined enough. It is not just overly enthusiastic homeowners that can get themselves in over their heads, though. Many plumbers are not really qualified to handle jobs of this size and scale.

Ours are, though. We carry a Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor license, and we have many plumbing technicians boasting their own specialties and holding the applicable certifications. When you need a water line replacement or a main water line installation for a new home, you can trust us to do it right.

Call Us for Water Line Repairs in Orlando, FL

While main water lines do not really require regular maintenance the way that drain and sewer lines do, they are not impervious to occasional problems, either. If you do run into a problem with a main water line, then scheduling prompt main water line repair in Orlando, FL is definitely going to be in your best interest. Do not wait for a water main to completely burst before doing so. Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

  • A drop in water pressure throughout the house. This will not always accompany a water main leak, but it is definitely a possibility that should be evaluated by a trained professional.
  • An increase in water costs. Depending upon where the leak in the water main is located, you may find yourself paying for water that you’ll never get to actually use!
  • Dirty water. If you have a ruptured water main, it is possible for pollutants and debris to make their way into your water supply.
  • Swampy surroundings. Does your lawn feel squishy and wet when you walk out the door? It could be getting soaked from the bottom up.
  • Running water sounds. Yes, even when none is in use. This is a very common alert to a variety of plumbing leaks, including in the main water line.

What sets Choice Plumbing apart, aside from the expertise of our plumbing technicians and our exceptional customer service, is our preparedness. It doesn’t matter if the pipe broke due to extreme weather conditions or because its outdated materials finally gave out. We’ll have what we need to repair the pipe promptly—and we can replace it entirely if need be.

Schedule your emergency plumbing services with us! 24/7 Plumbing We Show Up!