Signs That You Have a Water Leak

There are a few warning signs that you may notice that alert you to a water leak on your property. Keeping them in mind can really help you to spot trouble early on, and that, in turn, will help you to mitigate water damage to your home. So what should you be looking for?

  • Very high water bills — Oftentimes, the most obvious cause of this problem is a water leak. You are still paying for water even if you are not using it, remember. It could also be the result of a faulty meter, though. Get us out to your home to accurately diagnose the problem. We can always fix a leak!
  • Mildew odors — The sight of a high water bill isn’t the only warning sign you’ll see and some of them you won’t see at all! Use your nose, too. Do you smell a mildew odor throughout the house? This could be the result of damp conditions created by a water leak.
  • Water damage — Is your ceiling sagging? Are there brown stains on your walls? Wood rot by the staircase? All of these problems may be the result of water damage to your home, and make no mistake: there’s more to come. You really cannot afford to ignore such signs of a water leak on your property.
  • Mold growth — Mold is just about the last thing that anybody wants to see in their homes. Unfortunately, damp conditions caused by water leaks are a breeding ground for mold, as well as bacteria and other biological pollutants. You cannot go about drying the area out without first fixing the water leak.

How Our Orlando Plumber Pinpoints Water Leaks

So what are we going to do — start punching holes in your walls and peeking around with a flashlight until we find the leak? Absolutely not! Things have come a long way since such barbaric approaches to the problem were necessary. Modern technology in the hands of a qualified plumber in Orlando allows for much less intrusive methods of leak detection.

Among our state-of-the-art tools is infrared leak detection equipment. Believe it or not, we can actually use this equipment to see where leaks are coming from in your plumbing system. The technology allows us to see hot and cold spots caused by water leaks, as these temperatures differ from those normal in construction materials. Give us a call to put thermal imaging to use in detecting leaks in your home.

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