Natural gas, like any combustible fuel, can be dangerous if it is not piped into your home and combusted properly. This is precisely why only licensed professionals are allowed to handle such jobs. Our plumbers have their own specialties and applicable certifications, and we hold a Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor license. Schedule gas piping services in the Orlando area with us, and enjoy a job done right.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Natural gas, as we mentioned, is a largely domestic product. This means that it not only tends to be affordable, but it also is not subject to the volatility of the foreign oil market. You don’t have to store it on-site as you would oil or propane, and it is much less expensive than electricity.

Homeowners use natural gas for everything from fueling their (admittedly seldom–used) heaters to outdoor barbecues, water heaters, and ovens/ranges. You’ll need access to a gas main to utilize this fuel, and our plumbers will connect that gas main to your home via a gas piping setup of the highest caliber.

Why Does a Professional Plumbing Technician Need to Do the Job?

Natural gas can be dangerous. It is just as simple as that. In fact, because the potential for a dangerous leak is ever-present, one major safety precaution is put into place: that smell! That’s right, the sulfuric, rotten egg odor of natural gas is not naturally occurring. It is the result of an additive that is specifically intended to alert homeowners of a natural gas leak on their property.

If you ever smell natural gas in your home, you need to exit the building and contact the appropriate authorities immediately. Seeing dirt blow up from the ground or noticing dying vegetation on your lawn could also indicate a leak in the gas line. When we install your natural gas piping, the job will be completed properly. However, you should always be aware of such warning signs.

Call Now for Gas Piping Installation, Repair, or Replacement Services

Obviously, a gas leak is not the type of problem that you can overlook. Such issues are relatively rare, but anything from severe weather to damages caused during construction or renovations could result in a leak. The best way to avoid problems in the first place is to allow a skilled professional like those on our team to install and service your gas piping.

Be sure to inquire about flexible gas lines, as well. With a flexible gas line, you can enjoy the benefits of natural gas in your home with an expedited installation process. It’s a great option for existing homes that do not currently have gas piping installed. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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