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Grease Trap Services in Orlando, FL

If you’ve ever read a blog about how you can prevent drain clogs in your home, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term FOG before. This stands for fats, oil, and grease. These materials are liquid when hot, but cool down in drain pipes, and will congeal and cause serious clogs as a result. Now just imagine the scale at which such materials generated in a commercial kitchen compare to your home.

This is exactly why a grease trap is such an important component in a commercial property—and why you need professional grease trap services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding Central Florida area. Fortunately, the licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing technicians on the Choice Plumbing team are here to provide those services. Contact us if you need a grease trap installed, repaired, or otherwise serviced in the Orlando, FL area. Give us a call to hire a commercial plumber in Orlando and the surrounding area. 24/7 Plumbing We Show Up.

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How Does a Grease Trap Work?

A grease trap, or grease interceptor, works a lot like a mini septic tank. As greasy water and bits of waste go down the drains in the sink or dishwasher, the grease trap fills up. The solid bits settle at the bottom, while the grease forms the sludge layer at the top. The effluent, or wastewater, is in between these two layers. The wastewater is free to move on through the system (and is filtered out for good measure).

The layers at the bottom and top of the grease trap need to be removed, though. This is where grease trap cleaning comes in. You really need a professional plumber to do this for you. We’ve got the tools to do it properly, including hydro jetting equipment to blast out any grease that has accumulated in the inlet and outlet lines. The frequency of cleaning will vary, but every 4–6 months is a good general rule.

Let Us Install or Replace Your Grease Trap

As is the case with any commercial plumbing component, you’ll definitely want qualified commercial plumbers to install your grease trap in Orlando, FL or the surrounding areas. You’ll save yourself time, money, and the hassle of having us come out to the fix the problems that you’ve created in your attempts!

A grease trap will last you a good long time, as there really are not any mechanical components that can break down on you. Failure to have your system cleaned out regularly will definitely create some operational problems, though. Maybe not enough to cause damages that will demand a replacement, but eventually a replacement will be necessary. Corrosion and other issues will take a toll over time.

Grease Trap Repair and Maintenance Is Just a Phone Call Away

Is your grease trap allowing a lot of grease to clog up your pipes, even though you just had it cleaned? Have you noticed foul odors emanating from the grease trap? Are your sinks backing up? When you run into any such problems, contact us immediately.

Maintenance needs are fairly limited, with the obvious exception of routine cleanings. When problems do arise, though, prompt grease trap repairs are in your best interest. Don’t let a damaged grease trap grind your commercial property and its business to a halt.

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