A backflow prevention device is not something that most people are familiar with — certainly not in the way that they are familiar with, say, toilets and sinks. Nevertheless, a dependable backflow preventer is a very important part of a commercial plumbing system. You seriously don’t want to run into a situation where your potable water supply plumbing, or the public water supply, is contaminated by backflow, so schedule backflow prevention services with Choice Plumbing.

These are the types of services that require unique specialization even within the field of commercial plumbing as a whole. We are a certified backflow prevention device repair, testing, and installation contractor. When you need any backflow prevention services in Orlando or throughout the Central Florida area, remember that you can count our plumbing technicians to do it right. Contact us anytime to hire a plumber in Orlando and the Central Florida area. 24/7 Plumbing We Show Up.


There are two major causes of backflow in backpressure and backsiphonage.

  1. Backpressure occurs when there is a sudden rise in water pressure when flowing downstream.
  2. Backsiphonage occurs when there is a sudden drop in water pressure, which makes water flow upstream incredibly fast. This is often caused by fire hydrant usage or a main water line break.

While backflow does not occur very often, it does happen. It’s important to check with your Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, to ensure your pipes are protected. Modern pipes are designed to prevent backflow prevention, but homes with older piping should definitely invest in a pipe inspection service, which can help determine if you are protected or not.

In order to prevent backflow, a backflow prevention device is the most common technique employed since it’s the easiest to install and works well should it ever be needed.

What Is a Backflow Prevention Device?

A backflow preventer is simply a device that protects potable water supplies by preventing the backflow of contaminated water into the supply. This is a concern for those properties using irrigation systems, when industrial/commercial equipment like boilers are descaled, if there is a major change in pressure due to the activation of sprinkler systems, and in many other scenarios.

While residential properties may have connections with “backflow preventers” built in, our installation, repair, and testing services are for the much larger, more complex type of commercial backflow preventers. There are a lot of regulations surrounding the installation and servicing of these devices, and with very good cause. We’re talking about public safety here, so make the right decision and put your backflow services in our hands.

Does a Backflow Prevention Device Require Maintenance?

Not in the way that a mechanical system does. A backflow preventer does, however, need to be tested regularly in order to guarantee that it is operating properly. Like a sump pump, the backflow prevention device is not something that is going to be in use every day. You cannot simply hope that it does work properly when a time comes that you truly need it. That is why testing is necessary.

And no, there is no button that you can push to run a quick self-diagnostic scan on your backflow preventer. This is a job for a professional plumber. More importantly, it is a job for a professional plumber that is also a licensed backflow tester. Not all plumbers specialize in this area, but we have technicians on our staff that can ensure the proper function of your backflow prevention device in Orlando.

We Test, Install, and Repair Backflow Prevention Devices

There are a lot of regulations for who can test backflow prevention devices, as well as who can work on them should repairs or even a replacement be necessary. The best way to ensure that you are doing everything right is to work with a member of our team. We’ve proven our merit and have taken the necessary steps to become experts in this specialized field.

Don’t let back-siphonage at a cross connection or backpressure backflow lead to water supply contamination stemming from your property. If this happens and you’ve failed to take the proper precautions, the ramifications can be quite serious. See how our commercial plumbing experts can help.

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