Owning a business comes down to being a problem solver, whether you are solving your customers’ problems by offering them products and/or services to meet a specific need or you are solving problems that have to do with running your business, from meeting payroll to paying taxes — all of which are integral to your business’s success.

If you own a commercial building where employees and customers patronize, you will definitely need a bathroom, and if you have a large number of employees, an employee break room with a refrigerator, a sink, and perhaps a dishwasher are greatly appreciated. However, with these amenities will inevitably come commercial plumbing maintenance problems.

Choice Plumbing can help. We offer commercial plumbing services in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Our experienced, licensed professional commercial plumbers are experts at solving plumbing problems, from clogged toilets to intense main water line leakage problems. When you choose Choice Plumbing as your commercial Orlando plumber of choice, you’ll be guaranteed to have your commercial plumbing problems fixed in no time.

Below, we’ll touch on just a few of the many commercial plumbing projects we undertake, and the next time your plumbing, pipes, or kitchen clogs decide to act up, give us a call. We offer 24/7 emergency commercial plumbing services. Reach out today!



backflow preventionBackflow Plumbing Problems

Backflow is mostly a concern for commercial businesses because of the amount of wastewater they deal with as compared to a residential home. Like the name implies, backflow is when non-potable or wastewater, flows backwards in your plumbing system instead of flowing to where it needs to be. This backflow can then contaminate the fresh drinking water supply, which can cause illnesses if consumed.

Thus, commercial businesses are required to have a backflow preventer installed. Backflow preventers are installed at cross-connection points, which are points where potable water can be contaminated by non-potable water, which stop this possible backwards flow of contaminated water. A backflow preventer is simple in design: it has a reduced pressure principle assembly and a double check valve assembly, both stopping the water flow and lowering the water pressure simultaneously. Most backflows occur because of the pressure that pushes or pulls non-potable water to the fresh water in a process known as backsiphonage. Major causes of backflow:

  • Sprinkler system
  • Firefighting
  • Main water line break
  • Clogged pipe that prevents water flow
  • Any event that would create a sudden drain on or use of a lot of water in the water system

Top-notch commercial Orlando plumbers, such as Choice Plumbing, can handle any backflow problem. We are a certified backflow prevention device repair, testing, and installation contractor with extensive training on commercial backflow devices. All commercial businesses in the state of Florida are required to have their backflow system checked on an annual basis if they are big enough to have a backflow preventer. Choice Plumbing offers backflow inspections, as well as backflow maintenance and installation. Contact us to learn more.

grease trapsGrease Traps

Grease traps are clever devices that have been around for over 100 years. As its name implies, a grease trap is a device that traps grease. However, if a grease trap were as simple as its name implies, you wouldn’t need an expert commercial Orlando plumber, such as Choice Plumbing.

Grease traps are required by law to be installed in restaurants and other locales that generate a large amount of grease, fat, and oil (FOG) waste and use. Grease is a huge enemy of pipes. Grease clings to the inside of pipe walls, which can cause blockages, which then cause backflow, burst pipes, a nightmare for wastewater treatment plants, and the list goes on.

Orlando requires that grease traps or grease interceptors be installed on all commercial food service establishments and facilities that discharge waste and sewer into the public sewer system. Some of these businesses include:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Pubs and bars
  • Hotels
  • School cafeterias
  • Bakeries
  • Coffee shops
  • Catering establishments
  • Ice cream parlors
  • Banquet halls
  • And more

Grease traps require regular maintenance by commercial Orlando plumbers, such as Choice Plumbing, in order to avoid cloggages, blockages, and leakages. Furthermore, your commercial sinks could back up without regular grease trap maintenance services. How often you should clean your grease traps depends on how often you use it and how much FOG you are dumping down your sinks. Some common signs that it’s time for a grease trap inspection by your local commercial Orlando plumber are:

  • Sink(s) drain slowly
  • Foul smells in your sink
  • You can’t remember the last time you had your grease trap cleaned
  • When grease is at 25% of wastewater depth
  • You notice grease backflow
  • You find grease in other places it shouldn’t be, such as water lines

Choice Plumbing can fix your grease trap problem. Call us in the Orlando area today.

commercial drain and sewerCommercial Drains and Sewers

It’s embarrassing as a business when your plumbing system is not working properly. Frequently backed up toilets and sinks and drains that don’t do their job are nothing but headaches and hassles in your business life. As a commercial business, you have a lot more piping and drains that need maintaining compared to a residential home.

Your local commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, has got all of your commercial drains and sewer needs covered. Our licensed, bonded, insured, and certified commercial Orlando plumbers can inspect your drain and sewer lines for proper functioning. If a leak is found, we’ll fix it up in no time. We are 24/7 plumbers and can work when you need, meaning when your employees are gone for the day. If you have an emergency plumbing need, give us a call. Our commercial plumbers can tackle any emergency, big or small. While there is nothing glamorous about fixing toilets, it has to be done, and we’re your commercial Orlando plumber of choice. Call Choice Plumbing for your commercial drain and sewer needs today!

emergency plumbingCommercial Emergency Plumbing Repair Needs

As a business owner, odds are, you never rest much. Your brain is constantly churning out ideas for your next product launch or your next service promotion. The same goes for your commercial plumbing — it never rests, flowing 24/7 no matter the weather or the holiday. Your commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, can help. We offer emergency commercial plumbing services when you need them. Some emergency plumbing problems include:

  • Clogged toilets
  • No hot water
  • Backed up drains
  • Water leaks
  • Frozen water pipes
  • Clogged sinks

Let’s be honest, any plumbing problem that impedes the flow of your business or makes using the restroom nigh impossible is an emergency. If you need anything fixed fast, call Choice Plumbing in Orlando today.

Bathroom plumberCommercial Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Large bathroom facilities in huge commercial buildings require a lot of maintenance just due to the number of people that use them. Odds are, if one toilet is clogged, there may be another one close to being clogged, especially if the same piping is used. Furthermore, bathroom sinks in commercial buildings are often the victim of odd substances being dumped down their drains, leaving them clogged and overflowing.

Your commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, offers superior commercial bathroom plumbing repair services. From regular inspection services to ensure the pipes are clear to fixing and replacing toilets and sinks, we can help. Give us a call today to begin.

kitchen plumberCommercial Kitchen and Employee Break Room Plumbing Needs

Almost every business, even small businesses, now have an employee break room and/or kitchen. These are great amenities to offer employees so that they can have a comfortable place for breaks, snacks, coffee, and lunch time. Break rooms are great places to connect with co-workers and just get your mind off your work and away from your computer for a bit.

With kitchens, however, comes plumbing, and similar to commercial bathrooms, some interesting items get dumped down the employee break room sinks that can cause harm to your plumbing pipes. For the most part, break rooms do not have garbage disposals, but many people don’t know this. Garbage disposals are critical to preventing clogs down kitchen sink drains. If there’s a dishwasher, this can help, but oftentimes, employee dishwashers aren’t used all that much.

If your employee break room or kitchen has a plumbing problem, call your commercial Orlando plumber today. Choice Plumbing offers the best service at convenient times. Contact us today!

leak detectingCommercial Leaking Pipes

Pipes are pipes, whether they are located in homes or businesses. However, due to the busy nature of offices and commercial businesses, most signs of commercial leaking pipes go unnoticed. Hence, by the time a problem is discovered by the business, you could be looking at a huge commercial piping repair job.

This is why your commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, recommends that you invest in regular inspection service for your commercial pipes. We use the latest in technology to evaluate your pipes and sewer lines quickly and efficiently. Using video cameras, we can quickly check your commercial pipes for leaks and get them patched up quickly before they burst or turn into other major problems.

In order to remember to have your commercial pipes inspected for leaks and other issues regularly, we have started a Choice Plumbing VIP membership club where for one low annual fee, you can sign up and have your entire plumbing system inspected, from a full water heater safety inspection to toilet inspections and adjustments. We want to make it easy for you to prevent major plumbing problems and emergencies from occurring. Our certified and insured professional commercial plumbers have your commercial piping needs covered. Contact us today to get started!

traditional water heatersCommercial Water Heater Problems

Commercial water heaters definitely earn their keep at your place of business. While there are probably no showers being used (unless you are a gym facility or the like), you still need almost a constant stream of hot water available for employee use. From washing your hands to washing the dishes (either via a dishwashing machine or by hand), your commercial hot water heater needs to be in tip-top shape to handle the excess demand.

Your commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, can help. We offer the best water heater installation, repair, and maintenance in order to ensure you have hot water when you need it. Whether you utilize a traditional hot water heater or a tankless water heater, our superior plumbing technicians can help. When you invest in regular commercial hot water heater maintenance, you will ensure you won’t run out of hot water when it’s needed. Keep your employees happy with commercial heating maintenance and repair. Call us today for your commercial water heater inspection!

slab leak detection

Commercial Slab Leak Detection and Repair Services

A slab leak is one of the more dangerous commercial plumbing issues you need to be aware of. A slab leak is when a commercial pipe either leaks or bursts beneath your concrete foundation or sidewalk. If left unchecked, these slab leaks can pose serious risks to you and your employees.

  • Slab leaks can affect the structural integrity of your foundation and begin to sink. Your foundation can also shift, move, crack, and even collapse — something no one wants to see.
  • Slab leaks can promote mold growth. If you have a leak underneath your foundation, the water can become trapped there, never being exposed to the sun or air for evaporation. In this case, mold can quickly grow, which can then spread to your office building. Mold can exacerbate respiratory problems or even cause them with long-term exposure. Coughing, wheezing, and asthma attacks can be a sign of mold growth in your office space.
  • Slab leaks can get expensive. With significant concrete damage, you could be looking at very expensive repairs that probably won’t be covered under insurance since plumbing repair is usually not covered. Not only will the piping need to be replaced, but depending on where your particular slab leak is, you may have other damages to contend with, such as ruined floors, waterlogged carpets, sidewalk replacement needs, and drywall replacement costs. Pathways, lawns, pools, brick patios, and more are all at risk should a slab leak develop at your business.

Choice Plumbing, your commercial Orlando plumber of choice, offers the best slab leak detection services, as well as installation and maintenance of such. We understand that you cannot remember every small thing that needs to be done as a business owner, which is why we’ve started our Choice VIP membership club. Here, you sign up for one low fee, and we’ll handle your annual maintenance needs, including checking for slab leaks around your business. We have the best in plumbing technology, offering video pipe inspection services to not only speed up the pipe inspection process, but also to prevent costly digs in the wrong spot. When it comes to commercial plumbing services, your Orlando plumber of choice is Choice Plumbing. Contact us today to get started!

Commercial Main Water Lines

Your commercial main water line is the main pipe that brings water to your business. It is almost always underground and basically is what connects your building to the community water’s source. Over time, holes or cracks can develop in your commercial main water line, usually from corrosion or frost. Since water that flows into your business is under pressure, a main water line leak will allow water to flow out into the surrounding soil, and possibly into your basement or up to the surrounding lawn.

Commercial main water leaks can cause extensive damage to your commercial property due to the sheer amount of water that is flowing through the pipe and out into the surrounding soil. If you suspect a main water leak, give your commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, a call as soon as possible. We’ll send out our expert commercial plumbers to your location to diagnose and determine the source of the leak, and get it patched right away. Sometimes, all you need is a valve replacement; other times, you’ll have to replace a whole section of piping. Choice Plumbing in Orlando has got you covered. Call us today!

gas pipingCommercial Gas Piping

Occasionally, a commercial Orlando business will want gas piping installed in their business for various reasons, such as for dryers. Your commercial Orlando plumber, Choice Plumbing, offers commercial gas piping installation, repair, and replacement services. Working with natural gas is dangerous, so you need a licensed plumber to do so. Our Orlando plumbers have years of experience helping people with their gas piping needs. Call today for more information!





Many small businesses run a very tight ship, meaning they need to ensure no penny is wasted. This helps them ensure that they stay profitable and in business, enriching our community and providing people with valuable jobs. Below, Choice Plumbing in Orlando will list common commercial plumbing issues to be aware of, so you can help prevent them. Call us today for all your commercial Orlando plumbing needs!

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can cost you hundreds of dollars in the long run in your water bill, not to mention the fact that you are wasting water that is extremely valuable. Choice Plumbing recommends that you educate your employees on ensuring they don’t leave the faucet leaking after use and that they report any faucet leaks as soon as possible.

sewer line leaksClogged Drains

Commercial clogged drains are usually caused by the wrong items being dumped down the drain. This can be anything from oils and fats to corn husks, coffee grounds, and whole food items. Do your best to encourage your employees to only put liquids down your commercial drains. If your drains perpetually clog, odds are, you have a clog deeper in your pipes and may need a hydro jet cleaning to get the clog to break up and dissipate.

drains and sewer system cleaningClogged Toilets

A universal problem for both homeowners and businesses, clogged toilets can usually be prevented. Common things employees can do is ensure the toilet is flushed adequately after every use, don’t overload on the toilet paper, and ensure only toilet paper is flushed down the toilets. Other items should always be thrown in the trash can to prevent costly toilet clogs and nasty overflowing toilets from happening in your business.

Cold Water

Choice Plumbing in Orlando points out that if you have no hot water coming out of your sinks, odds are, your hot water heater needs repaired. If you are a restaurant or other food establishment business, hot water is a requirement in order to satisfy health board regulations. Whether you have a traditional hot water heater or a tankless hot water heater, we can repair or replace it if need be.

Low Water Pressure or Dribbling Water

If you’ve noticed that your water pressure has dropped, this is not normal. You’ll need to call your commercial Orlando plumber for a plumbing inspection. Low water pressure can be an indicator of many plumbing issues, from a leak to a burst pipe. Let your local professional plumbers handle this problem.

Bad Odors

Bad odors coming from your plumbing is an indication that something is not working correctly. U-shaped pipes, or traps, are installed on your commercial plumbing fixtures with the express purpose of keeping foul sewer odors from escaping. However, infrequently used piping and plumbing fixtures could let odors up since running water helps to keep sewer odors at bay. Choice Plumbing in Orlando recommends you regularly run water through all your plumbing fixtures to keep the smells at bay.

Standing Water Around Any Plumbing Fixture Where It Shouldn’t Be

If you notice water around your toilet, sinks, or hot water heater, you need to call your commercial Orlando plumber sooner rather than later. Standing water is a sign of a leak, and it should be investigated right away by a professional plumber in order to determine the source and fix it quick.





Commercial plumbing can be more challenging than residential plumbing due to the scope of the plumbing projects. For instance, when determining the source of a commercial slab leak, for example, you usually have two to three times the amount of piping you’ll have to search than that of a residential plumbing leak. Similarly, determining the source of a bad odor can be compounded as well by the sheer number of sewer lines, pipes, and fixtures to search. Commercial plumbing requires skill to be able to offer exceptional service.

Choice Plumbing is your commercial Orlando plumber of choice. We offer plumbing solutions for all of your commercial plumbing needs, from backflow and grease traps to pipes and clogged sinks and drains. There is always something to attend to when running a business, and keeping close tabs on your plumbing can be cumbersome, especially if you’re responsible for or own a large office park with lots of different businesses. You need a regular commercial plumbing service inspector to make sure all of your plumbing and hot water heaters are purring along perfectly. When you partner with Choice Plumbing and join our Choice VIP Membership club, you can have all of your annual plumbing services taken care of for one low fee. Our mission is to help your small business grow by taking the plumbing concerns off your hands. We do our best to prevent major plumbing problems from occurring by inspecting your plumbing thoroughly.

Choice Plumbing in Orlando guarantees your satisfaction on all plumbing jobs. We work around your busy business schedule so as to minimize the impact on your business. We offer emergency commercial plumbing services in order to ensure your plumbing issues don’t compound while waiting for Monday to roll around. Plumbers answer the phone at night and on weekends in order to try to pinpoint your Orlando plumbing emergency so we can get a better idea of how to tackle it. Our pricing is fair, and we tell you upfront what it will be. We leave your business as tidy as we found it, and we are happy to offer written estimates for your perusal as you compare Orlando plumbers. We guarantee our Orlando plumbing jobs for one year — something you won’t find at many other plumbing companies anywhere.

In sum, Choice Plumbing treats our customers how we want to be treated, and we treat them like family. You won’t find any gimmicks here; what you see is what you get. Our friendly Orlando plumbers are here when you need us. Call today for your commercial plumbing inspection service!