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Common Water Heater Problems to Watch Out For!


You don’t have to wait until you turn on your shower and have no hot water flowing through your showerhead to realize that you have a problem with your hot water heater. There is a myriad of early warning signs that you should look out for before the circumstances really become dire. We’re a plumbing company so of course we’re well versed in everything plumbing but we don’t expect the average homeowner to be. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful list below. If you need great plumbing services in Winter Park, FL then make sure you contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

Watch Out for These Warnings Signs

All of the following are major warning signs of an impending water heater issue. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below then it’s a great idea to call a professional from our team as soon as possible.

Varying Water Temperatures

When this problem is phrased like this, you might think that it’s an obvious symptom but it’s pretty easy to ignore fluctuations in water temperatures. Think about it, how many times do you really leap out of your skin because your shower water was a couple of degrees cooler this time compared to the last time you showered?

The only way to really note varying water temperatures in your home is to check your water heater’s thermostat. You need a professional for this service. We know how to handle every part of your water heater system and we know how to read these temperatures accurately.

Popping or Gurgling Noises

You probably don’t spend a lot of time with your ear pressed to your water heater but if you’re having trouble with your water heater then it’s a great idea to take a moment to listen. As your water heater functions sediment settles at the bottom of your hot water tank and it hardens over time. The popping or gurgling noises that you hear coming from your water heater are caused by water trying to escape from underneath the sediment layer inside your tank.

Murky Water

Notice that the water coming out of your pipes looks a little cloudy? Or maybe you even notice that the taste is a little off. Cloudy colored or funky tasting water is a sign of a failing water heater. Contact a professional sooner than later for service on these systems.


Take a look at the pipe fittings around your water heater. Do you notice any signs of corrosion? If you do notice corrosion or discoloration in these areas then it’s a sign that there’s water seeping out of the gaps in those pipe connections. You’ve got something called a “slow leak” on your hands and you can limp along for a while without incident but eventually, it will advance into a bigger problem like a standard leak. Contact our team if you want professional service to get your system back on track.

If you’re having these problems with your water heater make sure you contact our team of professionals at Choice Plumbing today to schedule an appointment. We have the right tools and knowledge to get your water heater up and running like new in no time.

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