Any Drain, Any Time!

Drain cleaning can be messy, so it’s important to keep the work area clean and safe on every job. At Choice Plumbing and Emergency Drain Services we guarantee to properly diagnose the problem before beginning to clean the pipes. Just like a doctor, our technicians will start by asking the homeowner or the manager a few questions:

  • Which drains are clogged? Is it a partial or a whole house backup?.
  • Is it an ongoing issue that keeps returning?.
  • Is the home or building on city sewer or septic tank? Or a grease tank?
  • Did anyone put any chemicals or drain cleaning products down the drain?
  • Does the main drain line flow from the back of the building, the side or the front?
  • What is the estimated main sewer line run?

Proper Course of Action

Asking these questions is what sets Choice Plumbers apart from other Orlando plumbers. Once we diagnose the problem, we would then decide on the right sewer machine or tool to use for the job. To clean an inside drain clog like a bathtub, shower or bathroom sink, our plumber will use a small electric drum machine with a cable to access the small drain lines. If it is a whole house or a building that is backed up or back flowing we will then use a large electric sewer machine with a large steel sectional cable that can clear lines from 3” to 6” in diameter.

Clogged Sink

The table is set, the guests have arrived...
Your drain suddenly becomes clogged!

What happens next?

On Thanksgiving, a panicking homeowner owner called us with a kitchen drain backup and a clog during dinner when the dining room was full. We were able to dispatch one of our expert plumbers to the rescue in less than an hour. Our plumber arrived, and repaired the kitchen drain before dinner service was finished!

Kitchen Clog? Get Help

Do you have clogged drains?

Imagine coming home from a long, hard day at work just to discover that your sink is overflowing! The culprit: clogged drains!!

Clogged drains can be caused a number of issues. Hair, grease,fat and foreign objects can all contribute to blocked drains. Tree roots can also cause problems with drain pipes. Roots are drawn to the nearest source of water, which can attract them to pipes and eventually penetrate the line and cause blockages. Pipes that were installed a long time ago can also cause problems. A rotten fitting on old cast iron pipes can cause an obstruction in the pipe and lead to a backup. Decaying terra cotta pipes can also collapse underground and prompt clogs.

Take a look at these drain videos

These videos were taken with our drain camera shown above. After we took these videos (narriated by Nick Shif) we were able to accurately diagnose the drain problems and make the drain repairs. These video inspections are key to solving drain problems permanently.

Recent Plumbing Review 5.0

I would like to first say WOW, we had to call you guys on Friday night around midnight and the quality of service we received was incredible. From the prompt way you answered the phone to the professionalism of the tech who came out. I can’t thank you and your team enough. The tech did state we should look into jetting out the lines to fix this problem for good. Can you possibly provide a price for that. 5.0 Chris Cohen 2014-11-01 Via Google Reviews